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Laura & Jack's Movie Inspired Wedding

Last year I was really naughty and I hardly blogged at all. Between a record busy summer, family life and trying to buy house (Oh hello stress eating in your jim jams!! To be fair, who doesn't love elevenses?!?!) it felt like there was little time for blogging!

I think as well, if i'm completely honest, I used to worry about what to say...... Which is super ironic because for those of you who have met me, you know I don't stop talking!!! Anyway, I'm determined this year will be a year of sharing more of my work. Because despite not always finding the "right" words, I love sharing the images and people who make up such a huge part of my life.

So over the next few weeks, i'll be sharing 40ish frames from a "new" wedding every Friday. See it as a regular instalment of flash back Friday weddingy loveliness!!

First up... Laura & Jack. Their movie inspired wedding theme was subtly laced throughout the day, along with lots of gorgeous handmade details. Including adorable hand painted cake toppers and all the bouquets which were lovingly crocheted by Laura's super talented Mum!! Along with the shoes that Laura customised so that once those stunning duck egg blue killer heels finally got the best of her, she would have a pretty awesome back up. To all of my lovely Brides, this is a top tip - bring some flats so you can spend the night dancing, sans sore feet!!


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