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Daniella & Jack's Woodland Wedding with Handfasting Ceremony

Our last wedding of the season was an absolute gem. We laughed, we cried and it chucked it down with rain until approx 15 minutes before the ceremony, at which point the skies cleared and dappled light graced the woodlands....

It also happened to be our third wedding for this gorgeous family, after shooting for both Jack's sister & cousin several years back, but hopefully not the last time we'll see them all - those Smalls sure know how to throw a good party!! The venue however, Endeavour Woodland Weddings, was a first for us and it might just be the wedding industry's best kept secret. A secluded forest complete with a fairy lit log cabin to host the wedding reception, an absolutely dreamy location to say "I do" and perfect for weddings that feel off the beaten track.

The ceremony itself was held within the woods, where Daniella & Jack exchanged personal vows that made everyone sob & laugh (folks that know us, will know that we're really just two camera wielding sentimental saps, but these guys really got us good that day!) The handfasting ceremony was deeply moving, an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives with each rope representing meaningful elements they wanted to incorporate into their marriage. All beautifully delivered by Paul, venue owner and registered celebrant. Captivated by the beauty of this, we even used the binding rope in a few of their portraits.

Daniella & Jack, you stole our hearts with your pure love for eachother, the playful way you were together and the fact the your first dance was Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters"

Choosing your sneak peeks had us in tears all over again, thank you for sharing such a precious chapter in journey with us

Much love,

H&C x

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