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Soulmates in life & partners business, two multi passionate creative beings who adore spending the day documenting wedding magic.


Hayley Started shooting weddings full-time in 2014 after falling in love with the art of wedding reportage and Craig joined in 2018, adding his own passion and creativity, effortlessly complimenting 

Hayley's style and the brand she had built.


Since then We've been called "The Dream Team" Photography Ninja's & a "Faultless Dynamic Duo"   


We live in Caxton with our 3 girls and a furry hooligan called Rocco, escaping the mayhem to shoot weddings from Cambridgeshire to Cornwall & beyond.


We don’t do forced,  cheesy or over the top take forever to set up
kinda shots...

It’s just not our thing.



and perhaps bizarrely, we’re not even here to “Photograph a wedding” instead, we’re here to tell the story of what could quite possibly be one of the most magical days of your life, whether you’re in a country manor or a country pub, with all the people you love, in a relaxed and unobtrusive way that will leave you wondering why on earth you were so nervous about the photography in the first place.


That’s we do. And we adore it!


So no, we won’t ask you to assemble into a heart formation with your entire guest list, whilst we hang out of a window to take a shot that should have never left the 90’s…. but yes, we will document all the love, magic, details, big moments that you’ll never forget and tiny moments that you might have missed if it wasn't for 2 sentimental saps with an eye for wedding photojournalism spending the day with you and your loved ones, documenting it all moment by moment.



sound good?!



If you're looking for your day to be documented in a fun and relaxed way, if you like our style and think we might be a good fit, then get in touch to discuss your plans, we'd love to hear from you!


Hayley & Craig x

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