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 Calling All Couples Planning An Intimate Wedding During COVID 19!  

Move to 2021/22 or go ahead with a smaller guest list?!

  It's a dilemma faced by couples all across the world whilst planning their upcoming weddings.  With all the uncertainty faced around weddings and events, and no clear indication of how long this will actually last, many couples are opting to do it differently. Instead, planing a smaller scaled, more intimate affair, with just their absolute nearest and dearest to celebrate with.

The current guidelines state that when marrying in the UK you can have a maximum guest list of up to 30 people.  From our experience, weddings of this scale require less coverage and therefore less work

Your guest list might be a

compromise but your wedding photography shouldn't be...

Therefore we've decided to create bespoke packages, specifically for weddings under the current restrictions, to accommodate weddings during COVID 19.


So Here's What You Need To Know....


Discounts of up to 40% will be available and will be tailored specifically to your wedding day plans and requirements 


This offer is strictly limited to small weddings being held with a restricted guest list, within the next 6 months


All social distancing measures will be kept and at all points we will be following the government guidelines. 


Offer available is for weddings up to 28th of February 2021.  T&C’s apply.

If you're planning a more intimate affair and still want gorgeous images to tell the story of your wedding day, then get in touch... We'd love to hear from you!

 Hayley & Craig x

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