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Moonlight Dancing & Celebrations at South Farm

As we continue with our exploration of the archives we’re taken from a relaxed beach wedding in Cornwall to a romantic affair in a Cambridgeshire collage…

A Summer Tipi Wedding

I love a tipi wedding in the summer and Lodge Farm House certainly know how to throw a good wedding! It might sound a bit cheesy but before we leave a wedding, we always ask ourselves two things….. 1. Have we got everything we need to tell the story of the day? And 2. Do we have a closing shot that feels right to finish the story? The closing shot is different for every wedding, sometimes it’s of the couple dancing wildly at the end of the night, sometimes it‘s of the couple surrounded by their family and friends. And sometimes the venue itself provides the perfect “The End” feeling to a couples gallery.

Dancing In The Moonlight

When the sun has gone down and you’re left dancing by the light of the festoons…. Amy & Jake’s stunning wedding at Polhawn Fort in Cornwall was filled with beautiful moments. Set in an old historic fort they had a candlelit ceremony followed by a banquet style reception. Afterwards we explored the beaches surrounding the venue and I lost count of how many times I thought “No, this is my favourite shot”

A Dress To Impress at Bassmead

We’re lucky enough to shoot weddings at Bassmead Manor Barns in St Neots several times a year. It‘s a beautiful venue and only 15 minutes from our home! Whilst the venue has endless options for couples portraits, we’re always looking for different ways to create shots for our couples, so that they’re photographs are unique to them and not just carbon copies of another couples wedding. The style of Rachel’s dress was crying out for a big beautiful portrait that also showed off the vast greenery that sheltered the bridge.

We Finally Did It!!

My heart goes out to every couple that had to plan their wedding during the pandemic. As a supplier it was immensely stressful rearranging everyone’s dates and back up dates multiple times, I can only imagine the agony couples had of going through this with every single supplier they had. It’s no wonder that last year we saw so many couples throw their arms up in the air with joy and relief when finally pronounced “Husband & Wife” !!

The Full Story

One of the things I love about our style of photography is that we don’t get fixated on creating “just” wedding images on a wedding day. Storytelling, documentary style photography that unfolds over the course of a wedding day is much more our thing because it tells the full story. There’s all these little moments that happen in between the shots that would get lost or never taken. This particular shot was taken during the formal shots of the bridal party.

Kisses at St Catharines Collage Chapel

Forever a sucker for old architecture mixed with gardens and the various collages around Cambridge are not short of this! Alice & Stuart tied the knot at St Catharines Collage and before they headed off to their reception we took a few bride & groom portraits outside the chapel. Alice’s bridal bouquet perfectly complimented the shrubs creeping over the walls and the foliage behind the arch.

The Moments In-between The Moments

The way we tend to shoot lends itself well to camera shy couples! The idea of having someone follow you around with a camera all day can be a nerve racking and somewhat off putting. I think it takes couples all of 5 minutes of working with us to realise that not only are we super relaxed in our approach, which means you can relax too, but that we’re documenting genuine moments, not trying to set up “the perfectly posed shot”

We hope you enjoyed this weeks selection and as always, thank you for stopping by!

Hayley & Craig x

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