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May Highlights

May has absolutely flown by!!! After a busy start to the season we've spent most of our time this month editing lots of luscious spring weddings. Basically, consuming copious amount tea & Haribo whilst swooning over our beautiful couples and all of their gorgeous weddings. Usually in our pajama's. I know, worst job ever, right?!

It's also been a wonderfully busy month for enquiries (yay!!) and we've loved meeting new couples who we'll be joining for their big day next year. (We didn't wear pajama's to the meetings...your welcome guys!) However, our summer 2020 diary is filling up fast, so if you're waiting for closer to the day to book then please don't. This goes for all your suppliers, if you've found someone you love then give them a shout and get your date booked in, before someone else does!

Sally & Adams Humanist Wedding at Burleigh Hill Farm, St Ives

Sally & Adam had their Humanist ceremony at Cromwell Barns in Burleigh Hill Farm at the start of the month and we had the huge honour of being there to capture everything! There was lots of lovely homemade details and Sally's Mum had grown all the flowers in the family garden. They also brought Bailey, their rescue pup, who looked super cute in his pink bow tie!

Katie the Celebrant (whom I could probably write an entire separate blog post about because she was THAT fabulous!) led a wonderful ceremony that was completely personal, emotive and storytelling. There was lots of laughter and happy tears all round but our absolute favourite moment was when the wedding rings were handed around so that everybody could hold them before they exchanged vows. It was a really stunning moment.

The entire day was so beautiful and such a joy to document!

Meeting Our Competition Winners!

Mount Kilimanjaro Engagement Proposal

Samantha & Adrian getting Engaged on top on Mount Kilimanjaro (Photo taken by a Guide)

Back in March we ran a competition for Destination Wedding Photography. And last month, Moo (our little one eyed cocker spaniel) picked the winners for us. Good job really because we had so many lovely couples enter, all tying the knot in equally lovely locations, it would have been an impossible decision to make!

Well, this month we finally got to meet the lovely Samantha & Adrian and we are beyond excited to be joining them in Keffalonia next summer. We got to hear all about their mountain top engagement, their plans for a beautiful beach wedding in Greece and they even shared a few secrets surprises that we have to keep schtum about for a whole year...... Very exciting!

Sophie & Jackson's Wedding at The Milling Barn

Sophie & Jackson tied the knot at the Milling Barn in Bluntswood Hall this month. We joined them for part of the day to capture the ceremony and drinks reception and we loved spending the afternoon with them and all of their family and friends.

It was a gorgeous day for a spring wedding and I adored all the bright bouquets & button holes, made by Sophie's Mum. The potted Foxgloves that lined the ceremony aisle were absolutely stunning and gave the ceremony room some seriously fairyesque woodland vibes (that's definitely a thing!)

They also had the most amazing hand drawn seating plan and table names, with different berries for each table. A really cute reference to the newlyweds names, Mr & Mrs Berry!

Our Mini Adventures...

As we've been so busy with editing and delivering weddings this month, we've spent most of our time behind screens but we did manage to escape on a couple of occasions! We spent they day over the Natural History Museum where I gazed longingly at all the crystals & architecture and Craig managed a couple of Wake Boarding sessions over at Hannams Wake Hub (just look at that happy face!!) We also caught up with friends in London at a Hunter & The Bear gig for lots of dancing, Gin & laughter. All the good stuff really!

June is set to be just as busy with lots of Eshoots and a couple of weddings along with a few "behind the scenes" things going on. It's definitely our last "quiet" month before wedding season really kicks off! See you on the other side!

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