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Kristian & Ash's Beach Eshoot

Engagement Shoots are becoming increasingly popular and I think it's a really fun and wonderful way to document this time in your life, before everything gets a little more chaotic (oh hello house buying stress) or you get a puppy and people start saying weird things like "So, it wont be long before we can expect a baby in the family" Which I highly recommend responding with something like "Oh my god, are you pregnant?!" Even if it is your 60 yr old Aunt asking the question.

Kristian & Ash are getting married in Spain next year and we got to spend the afternoon hanging out with them and shooting their Engagement pictures at Hunstanton Beach. We both practically grew up on the beach, so we always jump at the chance for a beach Eshoot! It was such a hot, bright day and whilst we had to battle with the sun a bit (just look at that sky!!!) we had so much fun exploring the sand dunes and paddling in the ocean.

It's a fairly large beach so despite the crowds its not that difficult to find spots that aren't surrounded by people, which I know can be really off putting for lots of couples. We also found some beach huts behind the dunes so we took some sneaky shots there whilst no one was around, as well alongside the beautiful cliff face. I adored Kristians floaty dress and love that and they had a little outfit change towards the end. It gave the end of their session a real "cosying up on the beach" vibe.

Kristian & Ash are a super sweet couple and I loved hearing all about how they met whilst Kristian, from America, was backpacking in Europe. A big thank you to these two gorgeous humans who picked us to photograph their Engagement pictures. We always feel really lucky to be chosen by couples to document such special times in their lives.

Here's a few of our favourites from the day.....

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