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July Highlights

It's that time of year where most of our shares on social media are titled "Eshoot Sneak Peeks" or "Wedding Previews" and I can't even tell you how much I love it!!

Summertime means that we spend our days in a constant flow of excited loveliness, going from one beautiful wedding to the next. All the while soaking up a whole lotta happiness along the way, because it's impossible not to with this job. We honestly leave each and every wedding and Eshoot with a giddy excitement and declare "That was sooooo much fun!!" I know, we really are those annoying people who love their job and recite cheesy quotes (albeit true) like "Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life!" On the other side it also means there's a stupidly crazy amount of editing to do, a tonne of emails and wedding timetables to work through and the time of year that I struggle to sleep the most because my brain is too whizzy (I don't care what Google says, that's definitely a word.) So it all balances out in the end!

Here's what we've mostly been up to this month.....

Tina & Garrick's Oxford Engagement Shoot

At the start of the month we headed to Oxford for Tina & Garrick's Engagement shoot and a little catch up to see how the wedding plans were coming along. They're set to tie the knot at one of our favourite venues, The Great Barn, next July. It's a beautifully rustic yet light filled barn venue, completely surrounded by lush Oxfordshire countryside.

We spent the morning with them in the quaint little village of Fritwell. A really peaceful place, with lots of pretty spots for pictures. Favourite moments? Taking pictures of them on the very same bench that Garrick first asked Tina to be his girlfriend, which was really sweet! And Garrick brought his tractor, which was amazing and made for some really fun shots!

Gemma & Matt's Wedding Shoot

Gemma & Matt got married in Spain this month, but before they jetted off to their destination wedding, they had to do the legal bit in England first!

We got to spend some time with them after their visit to Bedford Registry Office. They chilled out in Woodlands Manor Hotel gardens before enjoying a super intimate afternoon tea, with just their parents and 2 close friends to celebrate with them.

And I loved their little F.R.I.E.N.D.S moment by the garden fountain!

Charlotte & John's Notely Tythe Barn Wedding

Charlotte & John tied the knot in a cute little church in the beautiful village of Oving and then headed off to their reception in Notely Tythe Barn. The stunning 12th Century Barn, set in the Chiltern Hills, was perfect for their laid back summers wedding, filled with rustic, pretty details.

Charlotte looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress and I loved the bridesmaid dresses she chose for her girls! I'm a complete sparkle monster (think magpie, only much more glittery) so I adored the bridesmaids pale rose gold tones, with long floaty skirts and oodles of sparkle in the beaded and sequin tops.

You can see lots more sneak peeks of the newlyweds and their gorgeous day here:

Michelle & James's Bedford Park Engagement Shoot

We also got hang out with Michelle, James & George in Bedford Park this month for a little pre wedding family shoot. They are set to get married at one of our favourite venues, South Farm, next summer and it was so lovely to meet them all in person and hear all about the wedding plans.

Bedford Park is a lovely local place for family pictures and big enough to make sure you're not running into joggers and dog walkers every 2 minutes, a bonus for anyone who doesn't want an audience for their shoot!

Lucy & Gary's South Farm Wedding

Lucy & Gary had their wonderful wedding, also at South Farm, and despite the rain it was such a great day! South Farm looks stunning all year round but in the summer it looks especially beautiful. We got to snap our couples hanging out with the most adorable little pigs & chickens and we can't wait to share some more pictures from their big day.

Their sneak peeks will be hitting the blog later this week, so watch this space!


With it being properly wedding season now we've pretty much settled into a rhythm of shooting and editing 6 days a week. So whilst we've not had loads of time to do much else, we've been taking advantage of the lush summer evenings by heading to our local park with Moo and our skateboards. Craig bought me a new long board this month and I've had the best time on it!! It is, however, much faster than a skateboard.... The first night I took it out I was going downhill, having loads of fun and trying my absolute best to concentrate on the route ahead (because I was also quite scared! Think drunk Bambi on a skateboard....only I was 100% sober and could only dream of having Babmi's legs!!) when suddenly a few drops of rain landed on my face and I thought "Shit... I've left the laundry outside" and promptly decked it. So basically my Mum brain kicked in and as a result I've got an angry looking scar on my elbow. But you know what they say, no guts no glory!

After discovering Laura Weller's talents on Instagram 2 years ago I finally had the Elephant tattooed onto my back that I've been dreaming of for ages! Laura is exceptionally talented and a really lovely person too, so for anyone who loves this kind of art work I would highly recommend checking her out. You can find her studio here, The Black Dahlia, and here Instagram account here:

We've got a super exciting August (7 weddings!!) and will be starting the month of by heading to the place we call home, Cornwall. Can't wait!

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