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Engagement Shoots, Designer Bridal Gowns & Lockdown Babies

Because It’s Not All About The Bride

Summer Wedding In Cambridge

Summer ceremonies in light filled pagodas are just magical. If there’s enough space around the outside, (ie its not on a lake!) then it’s possible to discreetly shimmy around to capture the grooms side of the story, something I feel super passionate about! The benefits of having two of us capturing your wedding day means that we can tell the story from start to finish from both the couples point of view. However, his isn’t always possible during a ceremony given certain venue restrictions or the chance that we’d interrupt the ceremony by moving around too much, which is a big no no for us!! So it fills my heart with joy when we’re able to capture such beautiful moments like this…

An English Country Wedding

Alice & Stuart tied the knot at St Catherines College in Cambridge and then headed off to their reception at Edworth Manor Farm Barn. Their whole day oozed English country wedding vibes with a touch of glamour, which could also be used to describe Alice‘s beautiful designer wedding dress…

Engagement Shoots Without The Ick

I think theres still a bit of a misconception surrounding engagement shoots…. People expect cheesy posing, forced smiles and a recreation of the proposal. Which is the exact opposite of how we like to work!! Its super relaxed, in a location of your choice and we spend most of the time walking, chatting, stopping where there light is lush or we can see potential for creativity. It’s actually the perfect opportunity for us to spend some time together too, so we feel more like friends than suppliers by the time wedding rolls around. Ideal for anyone who’s a little camera shy because the session takes away the element of unknown when you realise how relaxed our shooting style is. Plus you get beautiful shots taken to document this stage of your life.

Confetti at Bassmead Manor Barns

I think the confetti run is so much fun to capture! It’s the first part of the day when the nerves are gone, its full on joy & excitement and everyone is there to basically cheer for you and chuck colourful paper at you. You just get the most genuine reactions and smiles and this this make for beautiful pictures.

Summer Bouquet at South Farm

I adore flowers, I buy them weekly for our dining room because they just bring so much colour & beauty to a room. When it comes to weddings, I’m forever looking for ways to document the details as organically as possible. Sure, set up shots in bridal prep are nice, but if I personally love a more storytelling feel to the details. And I just love the vibrant summer bouquet that Michelle opted for, perfect for a July wedding!

Cake, Cake, Cake

I’ll be totally honest, the whole cutting of the cake tradition kind of eludes me. What does it mean? Why does everybody watch?! What is going on?? So if theres an opportunity to document this moment in a slightly different way, I’m all over it!!

Fairytale Wedding Reception

I don’t think I’ll ever forget walking into Rebecca & Adam’s wedding reception and being absolutely blown away. They told me they’d decorated the barn themselves the day before and I was fully expecting a beautifully rustic, homemade reception… instead we were met with an abundance of summer roses, fairy lights and hanging flower displays. The whole reception room had serious fairytale vibes and did I even mention the gigantic heart by the top table?!

Teeny Tiny Flower Girl

Lockdown during the pandemic did many things, made pj’s acceptable day wear, the sales of eye make up soar (because you know, face masks made lips unusable ) and it gave us all an excuse to catch up on rest and complete Netflix. It also created something of a baby boom…. Amelia & Peter were just one of our many couples who announced that a brand new baby would be attending their rescheduled wedding, making the day just that extra bit special! I love this shot of the new family in the VW Camper, marking a brand new chapter in their lives.

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