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Anca & Dani's Cambridge Engagement Shoot

When I first left Devon I would spend most of my time strolling through the streets of Cambridge, mesmerised by the architecture and the busyness of city life. Admittedly my first experience in the city also meant I was nearly mowed down by cyclists a dozen times, but hey, I'm more of a glass half full kinda gal! Even now, 10 years later, and I'm still in awe of the stunning buildings that carve out the city. If you're looking for an Engagement shoot where can you mix up pretty, urban and ornate, then Cambridge is definitely the place for you!

Earlier this month we met with Anca & Dani for coffee before heading out to explore the streets for their pre wedding couples shoot. They are set to tie the knot next year in their homeland of Romania, and their wedding planner suggested that an Engagement shoot was a great way to get wedding ready, as well as being able to send out their save the dates with some professional pictures of their lovely selves.

Despite claims that we're "no good in front of the camera", they were, clearly, amazing! Such a sweet couple, who just had a beautifully natural and relaxed way together. We loved getting to know them both and hearing stories of their adventures together all across the world.

Here's a little preview of our time together....

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