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New Branding, Craig!!

So happy to finally share the new branding along with all the amazing things that have been happening here behind the scenes!! The website has had a bit of a revamp but most importantly........ We are now a team of two, which, as you can probably tell, I'm super excited about!

As well as allowing me to shoot more weddings and family sessions (hurrah!) we now also offer Film Highlights all set to fully licenced music. Craig joined in January, he's the one who will be creating the magic with film as well as second shooting alongside me.

Head to the "Behind The Camera page" to find out more about us.

And as always, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me and my business over the years, to everyone who shares their big day with us and to everyone who hits the "Like" or " Share" button on social media.

Your support means the world, thank you! Xx

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