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Thanks 2019.... You Were Awesome!!

It's that time of year again. The Christmas decorations are packed away, all of the gin has been drunk and we're super grateful for the extra elastic that holds our pjs up because you know... it's not reeeaallly a Christmas break if you don't eat your body weight in chocolate, am I right?!

So I've got my shiny 2020 planner at the ready, new pastel highlighters ordered (thanks to Craig!) and tonnes of ideas and excitement for the year ahead. But. Before I get all fired up about everything that's yet to happen, I can't get started until I take some time to give 2019 a little love before we officially say goodbye.

Way back in January Craig joined the business and has been shooting with me full time since March. I'll be honest, It was a scary move, after shooting and running my little business on my own for 5 years, it's basically my baby. There may or may not have been a period of a few months where any attempts from him to take some of the work on would result in me saying "No I'll do that!! You can make the tea" Only to later whine that I simply have no time for anything...... Apparently learning to share and delegate was on my 2019 "to do list". However, we got there in the end and his contributions both behind the scenes and at weddings have been amazing! His creativity, passion and skills have meant that we can deliver galleries to our couples that show so much more of the day than previously possible, something I'm incredibly proud of. I also know from all the lovely feedback we've kindly received from our couples that he's been a welcome burst of energy on their wedding day! If that wasn't enough he's also freed me up to spend more time with our couples, allowing me to do the things I really love for this business along with another little project I'm currently working on. Hurray for Craig!

The rest of 2019 has seen us travelling all over England to capture our gorgeous couples getting married, doing the job we love most. From Cambridge to Cornwall. There's been big weddings with all the sparkly things, huge guest lists and cakes worthy of remortgaging your house. Then there's been cute little low key weddings, where almost everything was homemade and only the closest of family and friends were invited. And there's one thing that remains consistent across the board, regardless of budget, style or location. Its not the cake. Its not the traditions. And its not even the dress. Its human connection. It's magic. Its that little spark between two people when they love each other so much that they can't even imagine spending their life without each other. These are the ones who say "I do" and we are the ones who have been privileged to witness this time and time again this year. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!! To everyone who chose us to document one of the biggest days of their lives. We are beyond honoured to do this crazy job and our 2019 wouldn't have been the same without each and everyone of you.

So here it is, a little taster of our 2019 weddings, all crammed into 2 minutes of The White Stripes!

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