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***Sarah & Jeremy's Preview*** A gorgeous Hexton Manor Wedding on a soggy spring day!

Before Saturday I hadn't actually met Sarah & Jeremy, but Sarah & I had a good long chat over the phone when she made the booking last year. So I already knew she was super lovely and we'd get on really well but I was very excited to meet them both in person, along with their beautiful boy Henry.

Saturday was, for anyone local, a classically British, very wet spring day!! And whilst perhaps rain on your wedding day is not *exactly* ideal, it didn't deter from the fact that everyone had an amazing time! Plus, after the meal mother nature decided to give the newlyweds a break from the rain, so we headed out super quick to take some bride & groom portraits.

The ceremony itself was held inside the gorgeous Hexton Manor which I think is such a stunning room to say your "i do's", full of classically vintage details and plenty of quirky charm. Plus, the natural light that pours over the couple from the beautiful large bay window is something of a photographers dream!

The reception was then held in the marquee where Sarah had done the most amazing job with all of the beautiful details, including table names of their favourite places along with snaps of them there, which I think is such a lovely touch. There were also subtle nods throughout the venue to the couples American & British heritage along with the most beautiful flowers. I think it would be a shame to not mention what an amazing job Jeremy's best men did of the speeches too, in which they had created something of a "wheel of misfortune" which Jeremy had to spin in order for the speech topic to be decided...of the top of my head some of the titles were...... Pants, USA, Chicks dig Scars and.... Police....! It was beyond hilarious and such a clever way to deliver to deliver the speech, so well done lads! Also, this was the first wedding where the grooms Dad brought along confetti firing spud canons. True story!

A huge thank you to Sarah, Jeremy and their families for having me join them on Saturday. It was beautiful day despite the rain and a privilege to be there!

A little sneak peek of their day......

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