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***Eshoot Preview*** Sam & Chris at The Lodge, Sandy

Getting to know my clients a little better through Eshoots is one of my favourite things, especially when they've booked you after chatting over email. Its so nice to actually meet in person before the big day, to hear about the parts of the wedding that you're really excited about and the bits that your nervous about! For most people its the pressure of the "all eyes on me" aspect (which I totally get, I vividly remember this from my own wedding!!) and then there's the "posing for pictures" part of the day. Cringey, eh?! The truth is, what I love most about the eshoots is that its an opportunity to put your mind at rest before the big day, once you've seen how I work and how little "posing" is involved, its just one less thing for you to think about!

Last Sunday I met with the lovely Sam, Chris, Noah & Hayden for the first time and spent the morning with them at the beautiful RSPB in Sandy. They tie the knot in 3 weeks at Cooling Castle, a stunning venue that I'm super excited to be shooting at for the first time for such a gorgeous family.

A few frames from our time together....

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