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***Wedding Preview*** Rosie & Josh Rutland Water Golf Club

Saturday marked the end of wedding season for me but the start of married life for the beautiful Rosie & Josh!

Rosie, who definitely wins the prize for being the most wonderfully excited bride, was wearing her Grandmothers weddings dress! An absolutely stunning vintage lace gown that was made in 1961. The dress was also previously worn by Rosie's mum, so this was a 3rd generation wedding dress...... I can't tell you how much I love it when couples include such personal details in their wedding, so it really was honour to capture a shot of Rosie, standing just as her mother and grandmother once had.

Thank you again to the super lovely Mr & Mrs Hooper for having me join you on your big day!

Once again, I took an absurd number of photographs, so choosing a few for the preview was sooo hard! Here's a little sneak peek of the newlyweds and their day.....

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