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Eshoot Preview -Marleys Humans are getting married!!

I had a great time with the super adorable Marley & his equally lovely humans, aka Amelia & Stuart, on Sunday afternoon over at Box Wood! I'm a big animal lover so if you bring a fur baby on an Eshoot (which funnily enough I highly recommend!!) you have to expect them to steal the limelight *just* a little bit!! Well, Marley didn't disappoint and I actually think he looks pretty chuffed to be there too :)

I first met with Amelia & Stuart over 2 years ago so it was so great to finally catch up with them again and hear all about the changes they've made over the past couple of years and how excited they are for their wedding this May.

It was a bit too early for the Bluebells and our search was fairly fruitless asides from a few stems sneaking up here and there. Regardless of that, Box Wood is an absolutely beautiful location for a little pre wedding shoot and we had so much fun!

So excited for their big day in just a couple of short months and looking forward to seeing all of their wedding DIY projects come to life!


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