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Sneak Peak - Katie & Matts Eshoot with a gatecrashing baby Deer*....

Its been about 18 months since I first met with Katie & Matt so it was really lovely to see them again this Sunday for their Eshoot! They've also broken the "Sunday Eshoot Curse" after the the past 3 Sundays shoots have been cancelled due to terrible weather!! So yay for that!!!

We walked around the RSPB in Sandy, which is looking stunning now that Spring is finally making an appearance. Whilst chatting away I mentioned that I had seen baby deer in the woods but I never have the right lens at the time to capture them... Well, literally 10 minutes later we hear a rustling in the hedges behind us and there's this little fella nomming away at foliage......AND I had the right lens....!!

I'm so looking forward to Katie & Matts wedding at Bedford Barn Hotel next month and it was so lovely to catch up with them and all of the last minute details as well as hearing the story of how the won their amazing Honeymoon to Fiji!!

A few frames from our time together....


*I have no idea if that is an actual Deer or some other furry friend that just looks like a Deer....Answers on a postcard?!

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