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A little look back at 2016....

I think we can all probably agree that 2016 was **quite** the year!! But despite everything that's happened in the wider world there has also been a great deal of joy, some of which I'm lucky enough to witness on a fairly frequent basis. In 2016 I delivered over 20'000 images to couples and families and going through them to choose a "few" of my favourites has been sooo hard!!

I'ts also given me a renewed sense of love for what I do and I feel humbled as I scan through the people who have shared one of the biggest days of their life with me, entrusting me to capture all of these moments that mark a new chapter in their life.

Big, overwhelming moments....Little, tiny passing non the less important moments.....Happy Tears and Happy Dances....Epic dance moves and dancing Dads....Proud Mums and absent family whom we raise a glass to, because even though they are not there, they are there in our hearts..........Beautiful details and Homemade touches....Speeches that make you cry and speeches that make your tummy ache with laughter and speeches that shock your Nan...... Confetti throws with happy smiling couples and confetti throws where It. Just. Gets. Everywhere. And the Grooms pulling confetti out of his mouth and the Brides fishing its out of her dress.....

I get to see all of this and so much more and even as I write this (write....babble... kinda the same thing, yeah?!) I feel quite emotional that this is what I get to do. So to everyone who shared a piece of their 2016 with me, thank you!

So much love to you all,

Hayley Xxx

And a big thumbs up to you for making it to the end of this post!!!

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