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A Pre Wedding London Shoot

Caixia and Zhuofang are getting married this September in Shanghai with not one but two ceremonies! I'ts also traditional in their culture to take your Wedding pictures before the big day. Which means wearing your wedding dress for at least 3 times, sounds like a pretty good tradition to me! Caixia is studying Fashion in Manchester and Zhuofang flew in from China the day before the shoot and after a few months of exchanging emails, I was really excited to finally meet them. So after a shocking 4:00am wake up call (!!!!) I headed into to London to meet them both - in their full wedding attire, to drink coffee in Pret and walk around the town and park. I really do love this job!!

Having never shot in London before I was super excited but also concerned about working in such a busy environment, however, I do love a challenge! I had so much fun with them and it was so lovely to see how many people were congratulating them and waving to us as we walked around various locations.

Thank you again Caixia & Zhuofang for asking me to take your pictures and I hope you both have the most amazing ceremonies in Shanghai next month!


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