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July Catch Up...

After realising that I've not touched my blog since *ahem* June.... I thought I best do a super quick catch up with everything I've been doing! Its been such a busy time, wedding season is in full swing, I'm meeting new couples almost every week for 2017/2018 weddings AND we're in the middle of moving house. Not to mention all the lovely family shoots, Eshoots and commercial work that I've been out doing! Needless to say, more take outs than usual are being consumed in the Pettit household and I've actually given up on ironing. Ironed clothes are overrated, anyway, right?!

I was hoping to blog all of these shoots individually but at this rate I'm seriously concerned that wont start happening until December! So, here I am, showing you a little preview of my July adventures. Then when everything settles down (hellloooo christmas!!.. sorry, too soon to joke?!) I can actually show you all these weddings and shoots in their full glory!!

Caixia and Zhuofang's London Eshoot

Beth & Paul at The RSPB in Sandy

Charlotte & James at their Family Farm in Sandy

Cyrus & Fran's beautiful Wedding

Lee & Amy's Eshoot

Becci & Leons Cambridge Eshoot

A Comic Strip Inspired Vintage Shoot

Angela & Steve's lovely Wedding

Natalie & David's Eshoot

Kelly & Gregs Eshoot at Rutland Water

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