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Quick update and a peek at Hannah & Terence's Eshoot

Over the past couple of months Iv'e found myself so super busy with behind the scenes bits & pieces that I've let slip my blog and social media updates. Tut tut! It's been all about website updates (bit boring but essential) putting together albums for some of the gorgeous 2015 weddings and the biggie, all private galleries now come with new inbuilt functions such as social media sharing and being able to order prints directly from the galleries. Exciting stuff!

So before I head off for this weekends meetings and a shoot at Wimpole Hall I just wanted share a few pictures from Hannah & Terence's eshoot at the RSPB in Sandy. Aka, The Lodge.

They are all set to tie the knot this Monday in Newmarket, Suffolk and I am SO excited for their wedding!! The first wedding of Spring and I just know it's going to be beautiful!

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