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Amie & Stuarts Beach Wedding In The South Of France

Amie & Stuarts Beach Wedding In The South Of France October 5, 2015 Last month I had the amazing privilege of traveling to Perpignan to photograph Amie & Stuarts beach wedding. I was, in equal measures, terrified and stupidly excited! Having never traveled any further than Scotland on my own and not speaking French or Spanish (I had to fly to Spain and catch a train to get me across the Spanish boarder) I was utterly convinced I was going to make some sort of geographical error and end up in Germany..... Don't get me wrong, I love exploring and I'm all for an adventure but when there is wedding booked for the next day, getting lost was not an option! None the less, armed with passport, my beloved 5D mkIII and the Google translate app at the ready, I was off.... The day started off with sunshine, blue skies and beautiful light - photographing Bridal prep outside was such a dream! However, by the time we arrived at the ceremony there were the strongest winds rolling down the beach, it was like nothing I'd ever experienced! There were points during the ceremony I was genuinely concerned I might take off!! Of course, Amie being the total stunner that she is, pulled off the windswept look like most of us could only dream of! Unlike the previous evening, the skies darkened early, dashing all hopes of the beach sunset shoot we had planned. However Amie & Stu didn't let it stop them from having fun with portrait session, being loved up newlyweds will have that effect - Besides, you can't get fantastically dramatic black and white shots with hair blowing in the wind and great big crashing waves when the weather is "nice" ! A little taster of Amie & Stuarts beach wedding......

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