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South Farm Wedding - Martha & Simon

Yesterday I had the huge honour of photographing Simon & Martha's wedding at the very beautiful South Farm, in Royston.

My husband went to school with Simon, so both him and our daughter were also guests. It was the first time I've been to a wedding where I was a guest AND the official photographer..... The week before the wedding I must have had about 50 conversations with Phoebe "Now remember, at Simon & Martha's wedding, you can't just come up to Mummy whenever you like, Mummy's working!" !! She was brilliant, waved at me from afar and spent the rest of the time admiring the pigs, chickens and playing "tag" with the flowergirls!

When I first arrived for Bridal prep the weather was pretty rubbish and poor Martha was so disappointed. As with all my Brides, I reassured her that rain or no rain it was going to be an amazing day! Luckily, South Farm is one of those great venue's that's really well equipped to deal with weddings come rain or shine. And besides, I think Brides wearing wellies huddled under an umbrella with their new husband make for great pictures!

But here's the rained and rained..Guests arriving got rained throughout the ceremony...and then when it was time for the photographs, it just..stopped! For over an hour, which was plenty of time for us to work through all the family shots they wanted along with a 30 minute session for their portraits. Amazing!

Here's a few highlights of the very lovely Mr & Mrs Joannou's wedding.... Including the amazing magician, Lee Smith, who spent the afternoon wowing guests. Plus the brand new car that Simon surprised Martha with after the speeches......!

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