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Getting back into Blogging!

Writing has never come naturally to me. I find myself rambling as oppossed to making the neat, articulate paragraphs that accompany so many of the wonderful wedding blogs that I follow. Hence when I started my blog, I promtptly stopped! What would I say? And more to the point, who really cares about what I have to say?! I had talked myself into the assumption that couples loooking for their photographer really only cared if they take nice pictures. And in many cases, im sure that may still be true. None the less, I'm increasingly finding that I have so much more to say when posting up pictures of my gorgoues Brides & Grooms than just "Congratulations to Mr & Mrs X" !! It is such an incredible honour to chosen to capture to the day that two people say " I do" and I cant wait to start sharing more with you all.... Watch this space! Hayley x


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