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Calling all Brides & Grooms!

After working as an artist for several years, I have decided to try my hand at the world of photogrpahy. I have always appreciated my husbands ability to point, shoot & produce a beautiful image. And the truth is, I spend half my life pouring over the National Geographic & the many, many wedding blogs, JUST to look at the gorgeous images that capture these beautiful moments in life.

My true inspiration for photography is Weddings. My passion for weddings has outlived my own and even before my planning was over I found myself asking the question "How can I find a way of making weddings a daily part of my life?" My love for weddings cannot be pinpointed to an individual reason. Its not just the dress, or the flowers and as much as i love cake (and I really do love cake!) It's not just the cake...... It's EVERYTHING! To me, there is no other event like a wedding. The mix of anticipation, excitment and overwhelming happiness that can all be felt at a wedding are truly inspiring. I adore all of the goregous little details that make a wedding so unique to that particular couple. Over the past few years there has been a glorious movement within the world of weddings. Brides & Grooms are sculpting their wedding to suit what THEY love and to represent who THEY are. By ditching the standard wedding norms, couples are creating truly unique weddings that are personal to them. The results are stunning!

And so my journey begins. I am now looking for brave Brides & Grooms to be, to take a chance on my passion and enthusiam. If this is you and you would like your wedding photographed with no charge, then please feel free to get in touch as I really would love to hear from you!

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